Freedom From Fistula | obstetric fistula caused by obstructed childbirth

Patient Stories: Ireen


Ireen was married at the age of 18 and had lived with fistula for 10 years before seeking treatment at our Fistula Care Centre in Malawi.

Ireen went into labor with her 3rd child and was rushed to the nearby health centre where she stayed for 2 days before being transferred to the district hospital.  She was operated on a day later but sadly her baby died. Ireen stayed in the hospital for 14 days, and after being discharged, noticed she was leaking urine when they removed the catheter. 

Over the years Ireen visited many hospitals but was not helped. Her husband left her as he could not live with her in her condition.

In 2018 Ireen came to the centre after hearing staff at the district hospital in her home district speaking about it. She was treated the same year and has been dry since.

After being discharged from the centre Ireen became a patient ambassador and has brought 5 patients. In July 2019 Ireen was employed by us as a kitchen assistant to help prepare meals for patients and staff. In 2021 Ireen was moved to the pad production unit where she works as a tailor.

Since she started working at the centre 4 years ago Ireen has been able to afford to put a roof over her family and pay school fees for her 2 surviving children. She has invested some of her salary into a tomato selling business, which has enabled her to buy land in her home village, where she plans to build a house for her family.

I am very grateful to the centre my life has changed for the better. I am very thankful that my fistula was cured and I am dry.  I still continue spreading the fistula message everywhere I go so other women with this conduction can enjoy life the way I am since being cured.