Freedom From Fistula | obstetric fistula caused by obstructed childbirth

Patient Stories: Fanny


Fanny fell pregnant at the age of 20 and lived with obstetric fistula for 5 months following the birth of her first child.

When Fanny went into labor she was rushed to the nearby health center where she labored unsuccessfully for 18 hours. Eventually Fanny gave birth but the baby was stillborn. Fanny, grieving, was discharged the next day.

Once home Fanny noticed she was leaking urine. She returned to the Health Center and was referred to the district hospital, who in turn referred her to our Fistula Care Centre in Malawi.

Fanny came to the center in April 2023 and was successfully operated on. She was discharged in June 2023.

During her time at the center she took part in our arts and crafts classes, numeracy and literacy classes, cooking classes. Fanny had never been to school as her parents were unable to afford it. She enjoyed the cooking classes especially as she learnt to cook different types of foods.

As part of our micro-enterprise initiative for former patients, upon discharge Fanny received a solar charging kit. She charges for a fee and the solar business also came with 4 bulbs that she uses to light her home. She has a small radio that keeps her entertained. To date Fanny has made MK 120,000. On an average day she makes MK 1,500. She charges MK 200 per phone. 

With her profits Fanny has invested in a Maize cake business, investing Mk 10,000 as her capital. She’s a makes profits of MK12,000 per week and Fanny has used the other money to buy 2 bags of maize, a bag of fertilizer, MK 20,000 to clear her farming fields and the other money to support her family. 

Fanny plans to buy land for farming and she also wants to have various animals.

“I’m grateful to all the staff for taking care of me during my center.  You have change my life for the better.”