Freedom From Fistula | obstetric fistula caused by obstructed childbirth

Patient Stories: Rubia


Rubia developed an obstetric fistula after a prolonged labour with her first child. Unfortunately by the time she received treatment her baby had died.

While suffering Rubia was ostracised and stigmatized through her community, unable to attend church. Rubia was supported, however, by her loving husband.

It was after one of our Fistula Care Centre Ambassadors visited Rubia’s village to share her own experience with fistula that Rubia came to the centre for help. She received treatment in June 2017 and since her recovery is feeling very well.

While at the Centre Rubia attended the literacy and numeracy classes, which she says benefitted her greatly. She is now able to read and write – a skill which she demonstrated for us by reading a sentence from a book.

On returning to her village, Rubia received her solar charging unit. She feels the solar kit is a great thing as she has been able to support her family with the income she creates from charing 5-6 phones a day. She is able to buy household items such as soap and maize-mill