Past Projects - Kenya

Over 10 years working in Kenya (2008 - 2018), Freedom From Fistula in Kenya funded two permanent fistula programs in Nairobi at St Mary's Mission Hospital and Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), which now houses the National Training Centre for fistula.

Our successful hotline and Ambassadors program, enabled potential patients to access our services wherever they lived and, for those who could not afford transport, we provided patients with bus fares via SMS and oversaw their transport home.

In addition to our regular fistula clinic at St Mary's and Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, we also ran fistula 'camps' at KNH and other facilities around Kenya, including Kisii and Embu. These camps were run in partnership with FDSA, with support from Royal Media Services, and Safaricom Foundation.

We also donated equipment to hospitals throughout the country where we identified that equipment would enable the provision of fistula or maternity care.

In September 2018 we took the difficult decision to stop working in Kenya to enable us to concentrate on providing fistula and maternal healthcare in the countries (Sierra Leone, Malawi and Madagascar) where we run our own fistula and maternity units.
FFF Kenya

"I am so grateful to Freedom from Fistula for giving me back my sense of worth and making me feel whole again”  Caroline, 27