Freedom From Fistula | obstetric fistula caused by obstructed childbirth

Patient Stories : Fatu


Fatu from Mabontor village, mile 91, Sierra Leone is a VVF Patient who first accessed AWC’s facility in 2015. 

She came complaining that she was left leaking urine after delivering her first child at the PCMH hospital. She got to know about our services through our screening team who went to Waterloo near her village.

Fatu's first surgery was not successful, as can be the case, so she had to go back with an appointment date for 2016.  She came, surgery was done for the second time and was still unfortunately not successful.  In March 2018 Fatu returned to AWC for a c-section after falling pregnant and although not completely dry was given a plug after the operation to help ease the symptoms of her fistula.

Fatu has been using this plug until she fell pregnant again in August 2020 and came to AWC, informing the nurses and returning frequently for check ups.  Fatu safely delivered two beautiful babies through C-section at AWC on the 14th of April 2021.

Fatu is very happy and grateful to AWC for their support and relentless effort through out her VVF surgeries and delivering process.

“Ah tell papa God tenki for e guidance n protection over me life tae to this time ya tday wae r d discharge na hospitul.  R d tell d docta n nurs dem tendi for dem patience wae den get for take care of we, God go mus bless ouna all.”


Fatu is saying thank you to God for his guidance and protection over her life and up to this time that she will be discharged from AWC Hospital. She is also saying thank you to the Doctors and Nurses for their patience and the time they spent taking care of her and her babies.  May God bless all of us who supported her in different ways.

Fatu holding her twins