Freedom From Fistula | obstetric fistula caused by obstructed childbirth

Patient Stories: Abie


Abie was only 16 years old when she got pregnant for the first time. It was both a scary and tough time for her, and because of the pregnancy, she got pulled out of school. Being out of school was heartbreaking for young Abie who is eager to learn and dreams about becoming a teacher.

Abie was in labour for 4 days, before her parents decided to take her to the hospital. By the time she got there, it was already too late and Abie had to give birth to her dead child. Because of the long labour she now suffered from a fistula injury. The hospital requested her family to take her to AWC, because of the recognised and well-appreciated care and treatment. 3 days later her brother took her to AWC and May 17th, Abie finally underwent a vesicovaginal fistula repair surgery - and she is now DRY!

Abie is forever thankful for the amazing care and love she received from the talented staff at AWC. Not only did they repair her fistula injury, but via physical therapy, they fixed Abies “Drop foot” which has always made her a bullying target. She is no longer embarrassed by her appearance and has gained a lot of confidence. She’s excited to go back to her family and to join the school as a stronger self, filled with confidence. We shout GLADI GLADI.