Freedom From Fistula | obstetric fistula caused by obstructed childbirth

Patient Stories: Sofileti


Sofileti had lived with fistula for 10 years. Her first pregnancy caused her fistula and she gave birth to a still born baby. 

Sofileti came to the Centre in 2014 after she heard about the Centre over the radio and received treatment the same year in March 2014.

After being discharged from the centre, Sofileti became a patient ambassador and brought 11 patients before being employed full time at the centre. Every time Sofileti would come to drop off patients she would always ask to be employed if an opportunity arose. At this time Sofileti found life very challenging as she was living in poverty.

In January 2016 we were able to offer Sofileti a job and she started working in the kitchen preparing patient and staff meals. In 2018, Sofileti was moved to the pad production unit where she continues to work as a tailor.  Sofileti has been working at the centre for 7 years and is a very valued member of the team.

Since she started working at the centre Sofileti has been helping her grandmother and her cousin in her village, she has built a house, which she rents out and every year and is able to farm soya bean and groundnuts. Sofileti dreams of owing her own land where she wants to build a grocery store and run her own second-hand clothing store.

I am very grateful for everything that FCC has done for me.  Living in the village was hard for me as I was living in poverty and I had fistula.  Other women that were facing the same challenges like me have died without getting any treatment.  I would have died.  I am grateful for transforming my life and making me whole again.