Freedom From Fistula | obstetric fistula caused by obstructed childbirth

Patient Ambassador Stories : Fryness


Fryness lived with fistula for 16 years.  She was treated and cured at our Fistula Care Centre in Malawi in 2014.  After Fryness was discharged she felt the need to help other woman that faced the same problem she had.  She started talking at community gatherings and sharing about her experience as a fistula patient and encourage the people who have this problem to come fourth so they can receive treatment at the centre. So far Fryness has brought 31 patients who have gone on to be cured.  Fryness was trained in 2015 as a patient ambassador and received all her training materials to use to raise awareness about fistula in her community and was given a bicycle to reach patients in very remote areas.  We are very grateful to Fryness for all her help finding women who are suffering to help them find healing