Freedom From Fistula | obstetric fistula caused by obstructed childbirth

Patient Stories : Isatu


Isatu is from Makeni in Bombali District.  Makeni is Sierra Leone’s fifth largest city with a population of around 125,000.  Isatu is a petty trader on the busy main street of the city and came to AWC in February 2020.

Isatu has been experiencing urinary incontinence for three years since delivering her first child. During this childbirth, she was in labor for two days with her family deciding to not take her to a medical facility and instead help her deliver with local herbs.

On the third day of labor, her family decided to take her to the local hospital and an emergency c- section was conducted to try and deliver the baby.  Sadly, the baby was still born.  Isatu began to leak urine following this but didn’t know where to get help.

Isatu heard about AWC through a former patient from her town.  Isatu arrived at AWC in February 2020 and was very agitated and worried about the fistula operation.  Through extensive counseling and the encouragements from the nurses and fellow patients, her stress was relieved, and she started to enjoy her stay at AWC.  Her favorite part of being admitted at AWC was the empathy and motivation the staff showed her.

Isatu had a successful surgery in mid-March and was discharged after her Gladi Gladi ceremony on 20th March.

Thanks to God for my healing, I am leaving happy.  Thank you to Dr. Ennet for her patience and love she has for the patients.  Thank you to the counselor Amy for the empathy she has for patients.

I thank everyone at AWC more especially Alexandra for her support and love to every patient.  I thank the Domestics staff for preparing food.  May God bless everyone that shares the pains and difficult moments I have had.