Patient Stories: Nancy


It was the first birth that took the greatest toll on Nancy’s health. She had travelled quite a distance from her home to the nearest trading Centre of Njeri town, Kenya where she endured days of labour before giving birth to a stillborn baby.

Her difficult labour left her with a fistula and Nancy began leaking urine. She sought treatment but none were successful. Heartbroken, she accepted her situation and made peace with it. It became quite expensive for the struggling family to purchase diapers each day for their mother and other items that kept the odour at bay. Regardless, they never lost hope.

For 45 years, Nancy endured the shame and discomfort of her fistula, until one day, when her friend informed her of the good news that gave her hope. An organisation known as FREEDOM FROM FISTULA treats women like her, who leaked urine FREE OF CHARGE. So, she set out to seek the treatment.

Our Fistula surgeon at St. Mary's Mission Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya, was able to repair Nancy’s fistula and for the first time in four decades, she is hopeful.

Freedom from Fistula Foundation is pleased to provide funding that enables women to have a chance of a respectful and healthy life that makes them whole again.